FHSU Pottery Sale

This year’s pottery sale at FHSU was a complete success and I would like to thanks all the people that contributed. It was an awesome experience and Im so happy that people liked my work.  This really motivated me to keep on working and to keep on making on making good quality pottery. Thanks again for all the support.


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After reading this chapter in your own words, define Postmodern Art?

Postmodernism is a movement of art that developed after Modernism.  This  types of art is recognized for being all about concept.  This type is not based on aesthetics and it focuses more on the idea of concept, even if it hard for the audience to understand it.  The use of computers and video media is a characteristic of this movement.

Why is Feminism or Feminist Art considered Post Modern?

Feminist Art can be considered a post modern style because of the idea of  non-aesthetics.  This work wanted to portray the figure of woman as something unattractive to men.  They wanted to erase all ideas of beauty to protest against the work of the past.

Pick one of the following artists: Cindy Sherman, Lorna Simpson or Paul McCarthy. Describe their artwork and then give reasons why it is Post Modern

I really enjoyed looking at Cindy Sherman’s work. Her photographs can be considered post modern because she came up with a concept that had never been seen.  Her work consist of self-portrait. In every photograph she represents a different women.  She uses costumes and different locations to make her work more interesting and to give it the idea of different personalities.

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How would you define formalism?

Formalism is making “Art for the sake of art.”  Formalist artist don’t need a concept and don’t believe that art should be connected to anything.  It’s just made to appeal the eye and to look beautiful.  This kind of art rejects any idea of every object and thing comes from nature.  They don’t break down the objects into plain like the cubist and the futurist styles.  They just make – subjects.

Kandinsky, Mondrian or Malevich

Which artist fits more into you definition of formalism and why?

I feel that Mondrian is that artist that fits more with my definitions of formalism.  He’s in one of the first artist that showed non representational work .  In fact he’s the first one that pulled away from objects that could represent something. Even if it meat to overlap things.  He didn’t want to show any atmospheric perspective in his work either, this for him  was suggesting nature.  Thorough out his carrer Mondrian took the concept of formalism farther and farther till the point the his objects became lines and squares of color.

Discuss why one of these artist works fits into formalism?

He fits into formalism because most of his work non representational.

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A) What is the difference between Expressionism and Cognitivisim?

Expressionistic art is a style of art popular in the late 19 century. It became very popular in Germany and Norway.  Munch is probably the most important artist that started this style.  Expressionism is making art with emotion in a non subjective manner.  This kind of art allows the viewer to feel what the artist was feeling or what the artist wanted to express in his work.

Cognitivisim on the other hand wants to express feelings of knowledge.  This kind of art wants the viewer to learn something from the piece of art.

B) What is Tolstoy’s definition of art?

Tolstoy believes that art comes natural to the human and that it’s something we can all control with emotion.  He feels that the artist can make the audience feel the same emotions the artist had while painting the image. He believes that art highly connected to human emotions.

C) What is the role of the view in Collingwood’s definition of art?

He believes in expression thru artwork but in a more personal manner.  His idea of expressive art has to do on how the audience interprets the piece.  He thinks that the viewer needs to use imagination to understand an get emotionally connected with the artist.   With imagination they can connect this emotions with their personal experiences.

D) Discuss the use of metaphor in Loius Bourgeois and kiki Smith’s art?

Bourgeois work is autobiographical. She is a sculpture and she likes to use he personal life for most of her subject matter.  All her ideas are based on her troubled childhood.  She likes to express emotion in her work by relating the audience with her past.  Smith is also a sculpture but she doesn’t relate to her work as personal as Bourgeois.  She work more with the human figure.  The relation between the two is that they both like to appeal to the emotional aspect of the audience by showing anger and suffering.

E) Drawing center artist:

I found two artist that I can kind of relate my project to.  Masa KUMAGAI and Kamila Szczesna, they both use shadow boxes as part of their composition.  I relate this to my work because Im also using shadow boxes but Im doing something compleatelly different with the drawing section.

I also found Cynthia Greig, she works with objects of normal life and this is what I wan to draw.

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A)  In your own words describe realistic art.
Realistic art is a style of art that allows the viewer to recognize an object and to compare it with another abject in life.
Realistic art is not only visually but also conceptually.  Visual realism is depicting an object that is recognizable visually.            Conceptual realism has to do more with the idea behind the work, like the story it’s telling. The story told by the piece of art        can be real but the visuals of it can be unrecognizable.
B)  How does Plato define good art?
Plato idea of art is totally different from what it is consider now.  He saw architecture and medicine as superiors of art.               Plato believed that art blinds people from seeing reality.  He believed that we as humans live in an illusion and that
intellectual ideas open doors to discover the true world.
D) In your own words, how would Aristotle define good art?
Aristotle saw art in a different way than Plato.  Aristotle saw art as beautiful and believed that the emotions and reactions       that a human experiences when they see art relates to reality and the human  search for the true world.  He also believed that     using it is not bad to only depict the best of nature.
E) In your personal philosophy is “obscene art” a contradiction of terms? why or why not?
Putting together the word obscene and art has always been a controversial topic but I believed that the those two can be put     together to certain extent.  It totally depends on how people define obscene.  Some people define obscene as something that         disgusted the senses or something is repulsive.   But I also believe that there should be boundaries to obscenity.
F) Are vivid sexual images more obscene than vivid images of violence, poverty, or extreme wealth or sickness?
I don’t necessarily believe that all of this things are obscene.  It’s just portraying reality but, sometimes they can be over
exaggerated but at the end they are portraying a real concept.  Some people see these are obscene because they make them
feel in uncomfortable.
G) Searching for an artist was difficult and I couldn’t really find someone that I could relate my work with.  The only artist that I saw that worked with something close to pottery is Nene Humphrey. Even though she draws on a glass plate I could identify to it a little.

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